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    Pimatic Plugin for Owntracks location tracking app

    Status of implementation

    This version supports the following

    • PresenceSensor

    Plugin Configuration

    After setup MQTT broker, you can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include the following in the plugins section.

        "plugin": "owntracks"

    Full config

      "plugin": "owntracks",
      "host": "",
      "port": 1883,
      "username": "",
      "password": "",
      "protocolId": "MQTT",
      "protocolVer": 4

    The configuration for a broker is an object comprising the following properties.

    Property Default Type Description
    host "" String Broker hostname or IP
    port 1883 integer Broker port
    username - String The login name
    password - String The Password
    protocolId "MQTT" String The protocol ID
    protocolVer 4 integer The protocol Version

    If you are connecting to a broker that supports only MQTT 3.1 (not 3.1.1 compliant), you should pass these additional options:

    { protocolId: 'MQIsdp', protocolVersion: 3 }

    Mosquitto version 1.3 and 1.4 works fine without those.

    Device Configuration

    Devices must be added manually to the device section of your pimatic config.

    Owntracks Presence Sensor

    'OwntracksDevice' is a device based on the PresenceSensor device class.

      "name": "My Phone",
      "id": "my-iphone",
      "class": "OwntracksDevice",
      "topic": "owntracks/<broker user name>/<owntracks device name>",
      "lat": 21.19469267,
      "long": 67.65596431,
      "radius": 100

    It has the following configuration properties:

    Property Default Type Description
    topic - String Topic for device state
    lat 0 Number latitude value
    long 0 Number longitude value
    radius 100 Integer The radius in meters

    The presence sensor exhibits the following attributes:

    Property Unit Type Acronym Description
    presence - Boolean - Presence State, true is present, false is absent

    The following predicates are supported:

    • {device} is present|absent

    Rules example

    • if {device} is present then switch the {switch device} on

    Configure OwnTracks

    owntracks documentation


    wutu for his module pimatic-mqtt from which it comes also part of the mqtt code.

    Oitzu for for his module pimatic-location from which it comes also part of the presence code.


    npm i pimatic-owntracks

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