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    Pimatic plugin for connecting Home-Connect devices to Pimatic



    Create an application in your account on the developers site of Home-connect. For the simulator usage Authorisation Code Grant Flow as authorisation type and http://localhost:3000/o2c as redirect uri. The ClientId and ClientSecret of this application must be used as clientIdSim and clientSecretSim in the plugin. For live usage create another application and use Device Flow as authorisation type. The ClientId and ClientSecret of this application must be used as clientId and clientSecret in the plugin.


    1. install the plugin via the plugins page
    2. add your credentials; clientId and clientSecret (for live) and clientIdSim and clientSecretSim (for simulator)
    3. set the plugin in simulator or live (simulator = false)
    4. restart Pimatic
    5. create a HomeconnectManager device
    6. start discovery and add discovered devices

    The devices CoffeeMaker, Washer, DishWasher, Oven, Dryer, FridgeFreezer, Hood and CleaningRobot are implemented. In simulator mode the approval of the Home-Connect access rights is handled by the plugin. No popup screen! In Live mode the approval is done via the gui. In the HomeconnectManager device the link in the label is used for the authentication uri.

    Devices must be added via the device discovery. All devices are of the HomeconnectDevice class.

    Switching from Simulator mode to Live mode is done in the plugin config. After that a restart is required. Simulator devices are offline in Live mode and Live devices are offline in Simulator mode.


    Actions can be executed via rules. The rule syntax is

    homeconnect <device id or name> [start, startopts $<programOptionsVariable>, pause, resume, stop]

    Whether an action is available, is depending on the device capabilities and the allowed control scope.

    The format for the $<programOptionsVariable> is:

    program: <programId>, <optionName>: <optionValue>, <optionName>: <optionValue>, ...

    Example for CoffeeMaker

    homeconnect <CoffeeMakerId> startopts $options

    Value of the variable $options is

    program: Cappuccino, BeanAmount: DoubleShot, CoffeeTemperature: 95C, FillQuantity: 100

    The used syntax for the program name, option name and option value must be exactly as defined in the api documentation. See the Programs and options for syntax definitions. For an example see the CoffeeMaker API-DOCS. For the name part after the last dot is used for the value its also the part after the last dots (in case of enum) or the value itself. If a program or option parameter is not used in the option variable, the current setting for that parameter is used.

    For the interface with the Home-Connect api the homeconnect_api.js is used. This lib is written by Alexander Thoukydides.

    Programs and options

    The following program and options settings are the maximum available for a device. A specific type / brand of a device will probably use a subset of these values. See your device manual to check what is available for your device.


    Programs: Espresso, EspressoMacchiato, Coffee, Cappuccino, LatteMacchiato, CaffeLatte, Americano, EspressoDoppio, FlatWhite, Galao, MilkFroth, WarmMilk, Ristretto, Cortado, KleinerBrauner, GrosserBrauner, Verlaengerter, VerlaengerterBraun, WienerMelange, FlatWhite, Cortado, CafeCortado, CafeConLeche, CafeAuLait, Doppio, Kaapi, KoffieVerkeerd, Galao, Garoto, Americano, RedEye, BlackEye, DeadEye

    BeanAmount: VeryMild, Mild, MildPlus, Normal, NormalPlus, Strong, StrongPlus, VeryStrong, VeryStrongPlus, ExtraStrong, DoubleShot, DoubleShotPlus, DoubleShotPlusPlus, CoffeeGround

    CoffeeTemperature: 88C, 90C, 92C, 94C, 95C, 96C

    FillQuantity: 60 - 260 with stepsize 20


    Programs: Cotton, EasyCare, Mix, DelicatesSilk, Wool, Sensitive, Auto30, Auto40, Auto60, Chiffon, Curtains, DarkWash, Dessous, Monsoon, Outdoor, PlushToy, ShirtsBlouses, Outdoor, SportFitness, Towels, WaterProof

    Temperature: Cold, GC20, GC30, GC40, GC50, GC60, GC70, GC80, GC90

    Spinspeed: RPM400, RPM600, RPM800, RPM1000, RPM1200, RPM1400


    Programs: Auto1, Auto2, Auto3, Eco50, Quick45, Intensiv70, Normal65, Glas40, GlassCare, NightWash, Quick65, Normal45, Intensiv45, AutoHalfLoad, IntensivPower, MagicDaily, Super60, Kurz60, ExpressSparkle65, MachineCare, SteamFresh, MaximumCleaning

    StartInRelative: 1 - 86340 (in seconds)


    Programs: PreHeating, HotAir, TopBottomHeating, PizzaSetting, HotAirEco, HotAirGrilling, TopBottomHeatingEco, BottomHeating, SlowCook, IntensiveHeat, KeepWarm, PreheatOvenware, FrozenHeatupSpecial, Desiccation, Defrost, Proof

    SetpointTemperature: 30 - 275 (in °C)

    Duration: 1 - 86340 (in seconds)

    FastPreHeat: false or true

    StartInRelative: 1 - 86340 (in seconds)


    Programs: Cotton, Synthetic, Mix, Blankets, BusinessShirts, DownFeathers, Hygiene, Program.Jeans, Outdoor, SyntheticRefresh, Towels, Delicates, Super40, Shirts15, Pillow, AntiShrink

    DryingTarget: IronDry, CupboardDry, CupboardDryPlus


    Programs: none

    SetpointTemperatureRefrigerator: 2 to 8 (in °C)

    SetpointTemperatureFreezer: -24 to -16 (in °C)

    SuperModeRefrigerator: false or true

    SuperModeFreezer: false or true

    EcoMode: false or true


    Programs: Automatic, Venting, DelayedShutOff

    VentingLevel: FanOff, FanStage01, FanStage02, FanStage03, FanStage04, FanStage05

    IntensiveLevel: IntensiveStageOff, IntensiveStage1, IntensiveStage2


    Programs: CleanAll, CleanMap, GoHome

    CleaningMode: Silent, Standard, Power

    ReferenceMapID: TempMap, Map1, Map2, Map3, Map4, Map5

    The minimum requirement for this plugin is node v8!


    npm i pimatic-home-connect

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