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    A npm cli app built with typescript about not played boardgames. You can list the unplayed games (by number of players and playing time) or simply ask to display a random number of unplayed games filtered according to your preferences.

    Things to know

    • You need to download the boargame list csv and game records csv from https://www.myludo.fr/ (Mon compte -> Exporter) or create it manually.
    • At launch, if no CSV file has already been given (it's the case at first use), the application will allow you to explore your file system to find them.
    • A file will be created in your user's home direction named .pile used to save your config.

    Use it From everywhere

    1. Install the npm package globally :

      • From everywhere

        npm install --global pile-de-la-honte
      • Or from local a folder

        git clone git@github.com:CrunchyArtie/pile-de-la-honte-cli.git
        cd pile-de-la-honte
        npm install && npm run build && npm instal --global
    2. and execute it


    To contribute

    clone the repo locally and install dependencies

    git clone git@github.com:CrunchyArtie/pile-de-la-honte-cli.git
    cd pile-de-la-honte
    npm install

    hot reload compilation and execution

     npm run dev

    You can also :

    • make a one time compilation :
      npm run build
    • make a hot reload compilation but no execution (tsc must be in your path):
      tsc -w  

    make your changes and create a pull request ;-)

    Keep in mind

    Do not make request or anything else to directly call https://myludo.fr


    • Create a shared "Continue ?" question.
    • Automatize 'back' response questions.
    • Filter boardgames from BoardgameCollection class.
    • Standardize information display.
    • Create an initialization class to prevent common errors.
    • listen the args to override file config.
    • add argument while executing to avoid the creation of the .pile file.
    • add arguments to use the script bypassing the questions pattern.
    • export the main intelligence to be used in other cases than a CLI app
    • add tests, more comments and continuous integration


    MIT © 2021 CrunchyArtie


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