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Execute a list of CLI commands in order without having to manage manually


Pierrepoint executes so you don't have to.

Pierrepoint executes an automated list of CLI commands, in order, saving you from manually managing synchronous exec calls one by one. It uses the core, async exec method with callbacks and manages default conditions and output messages.

It rhymes with "beer joint".

My first choice, Texas, was already taken, and Albert Pierrepoint executed at least 400 criminals as a long-serving hangman in England in the mid 20th century.

var Pierrepoint = require('pierrepoint');
var albert = new Pierrepoint([
        message: "MyCommand is starting...",
        color: "blue"
    }, {
        description: "Create temp folder",
        command: "mkdir ../tmp",
        continueOnFail: true
    }, {
        description: "Move files to a temporary folder",
        command: "mv ./files/* ../tmp"
    }, {
        description: "Verify existence of a file",
        command: 'ls ./images | grep .gitkeep',
        conditionfunction (errorstdoutstderr) {
            return !!stdout && error === null;
// Call Execute;

Each object in the orders array that you pass to the Pierrepoint constructor can contain the following properties:

  • message: If the order contains a message, no command or condition will be attempted. The message will be output (using the color if provided), and the next order will be evaluated immediately.
  • color: Optional color to use for a message (black, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan, and white)
  • description: Describe the command for clarity. It's also used to print default feedback messages.
  • command: The CLI command to run
  • condition: Optional function to run, receives error, stdout, stderr from the exec callback and should return true or false, whether to proceed or not. By default, Pierrepoint checks if error === null as the condition.
  • continueOnFail: False by default, set to true if you want to continue even if the condition fails. (Success/fail messaging will still print out appropriately.)

Green and red feedback messages are output to the CLI for each order.