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Process cpu % and memory use of a PID


Process cpu % and memory use of a PID

Ideas from but with no C-bindings


var pusage = require('pidusage')
pusage.stat(, function(err, stat) {
    console.log('Pcpu: %s', stat.cpu)
    console.log('Mem: %s', stat.memory) //those are bytes
// Unmonitor process

What do this script do?

A check on the os.platform is done to determine the method to use.

We use /proc/{pid}/stat in addition to the the PAGE_SIZE and the CLK_TCK direclty from getconf() command. Uptime comes from proc/uptime file because it's more accurate than the nodejs os.uptime().

/!\ As stated in #17, memory will increase when using pidusage.stat in an interval because of readFile. Use --expose-gc and release the garbage collector to avoid such leaking.

We use a fallback with the ps -o pcpu,rss -p PID command to get the same informations.

AIX is tricky because I have no AIX test environement, at the moment we use: ps -o pcpu,rssize -p PID but /proc results should be more accurate! If you're familiar with the AIX environment and know how to get the same results as we've got with Linux systems, please help. #4

Windows is really tricky, atm it uses the wmic.exe, feel free to share ideas on how to improve this. More specifically, thanks to @crystaldust we replaced wmic PROCESS by wmic path Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process to get more accurated data (PR, commit).