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Install: npm install pid_write

-- still in development so use at own risk.

Writes the PID to a lock file and then switches the group and owner of the process

I wanted to be able to use a system 5 startup script for Centos5 to control my application. I was having issues with user permissions and some Linux security stuff around user and program managment.

  1. Writing a PID file is only allowed by the root user
  2. I want the program to run as not root

Usage example:

var pw = require('./pid_write');
    var pid = pw.pid_write('./pidfile', 'swright', 'swright');
    console.log('Exception:' + e);


  1. Find a way to have the pid file name and user given in the startup script and pid_write() to be sourced from one location to be nice and DRY