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Use to make tiny couchdb design docs. Nothing fancy.

Small Couch Design docs. This is used for making really small design docs. It is not a full fledged couchapp engine.

Works in browser, nodejs, amd, commonjs, couchapps, and cors-couchapps.


jam install pico-couch-ddoc

define(['pico-couch-ddoc'], function(pico_couch_ddoc){
    // use it

Or npm/commonjs

npm install pico-couch-ddoc

var pico_couch_ddoc = require('pico-couch-ddoc');
// use it

Or global javascript

<script type="text/javascript" src="pico_couch_ddoc.js"></script>
// use it
var view =  {
    map: function(doc) {
        if (doc.type !== 'gardener_progress') return;
        emit([doc.path, doc.module, doc.time], doc.percent );
    reduce: '_sum'
pico_couch_ddoc.view('http://localhost:5984/db',  'progress',  view, function(err){
    if (err) showError(err, elem_id);
    // the db has a ddoc named, '_design/progress' with a view named progress