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Play media from your computer on a Raspberry Pi hooked up to a TV.


Experimental. Some values are hardcoded.

Happy to get this working for more folks! Post an issue or send a PR if you're interesting in using this as well. ๐Ÿ‘‹


Raspberry Pi

$ npm install --global picast

$ picast --serve

Make sure omxplayer is installed.

Laptop, Desktop, Phone (via Termux)

On the same local network as the Pi, run

$ npm install --global picast

$ picast media.mp4

It will find the Pi and instruct it to stream the media from the local machine.

You can control the omxplayer instance from stdin in this terminal.

Play youtube videos

If you replace media.mp4 above with a YouTube URL (or anything youtube-dl can play), it will stream it on the pi. Requires youtube-dl be installed on the pi.