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    This JavaScript library parses PHP code and converts it to an AST.


    This library is distributed with npm :

    npm install php-parser --save


    // initialize the php parser factory class
    const fs = require("fs");
    const path = require("path");
    const engine = require("php-parser");
    // initialize a new parser instance
    const parser = new engine({
      // some options :
      parser: {
        extractDoc: true,
        php7: true,
      ast: {
        withPositions: true,
    // Retrieve the AST from the specified source
    const eval = parser.parseEval('echo "Hello World";');
    // Retrieve an array of tokens (same as php function token_get_all)
    const tokens = parser.tokenGetAll('<?php echo "Hello World";');
    // Load a static file (Note: this file should exist on your computer)
    const phpFile = fs.readFileSync("./example.php");
    // Log out results
    console.log("Eval parse:", eval);
    console.log("Tokens parse:", tokens);
    console.log("File parse:", parser.parseCode(phpFile));

    Sample AST output

      'kind': 'program',
      'children': [
          'kind': 'echo',
          'arguments': [
              'kind': 'string',
              'isDoubleQuote': true,
              'value': 'Hello World'

    API Overview

    The main API exposes a class with the following methods :

    • parseEval(String|Buffer) : parse a PHP code in eval style mode (without php open tags)
    • parseCode(String|Buffer, String filename) : parse a PHP code by using php open tags.
    • tokenGetAll(String|Buffer) : retrieves a list of all tokens from the specified input.

    You can also pass options that change the behavior of the parser/lexer.


    Related projects

    • prettier/plugin-php : Prettier PHP Plugin
    • babel-preset-php : Babel preset for converting PHP syntax to JavaScript. It can run subset of PHP in the browser or in Node.js
    • wp-pot : Generate pot file for WordPress plugins and themes
    • crane : PHP Intellisense/code-completion for VS Code
    • php-unparser : Produce code that uses the style format recommended by PSR-1 and PSR-2.
    • php-writer : Update PHP scripts from their AST
    • ts-php-inspections : Provide PHP code inspections written in typescript
    • php-reflection : Reflection API for PHP files
    • vscode-phpunit : vscode phpunit extension
    • lua2php : a Lua to PHP transpiler

    You can add here your own project by opening an issue request.


    This library is released under BSD-3 license clause.


    npm i php-parser

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