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Simple API for capturing frames from a video element in a dataURI with the proper scaling applied.

This module works well with browserify. If you want to use it by itself or with AMD use the photograb.bundle.js file instead.

what is it?

Photograb simply takes a canvas tag and returns a dataURI (suitable as a src attribute of an <img>) with the given options.


npm install photograb


var getUserMedia = require('getusermedia');
var attachMediaStream = require('attachmediastream');
var photograb = require('photograb');
var videoEl = document.getElementById('localVideo');
var containerEl = document.getElementById('imgContainer');
// get media 
getUserMedia(function (err, stream) {
    if (stream) {
        // attach it to our element 
        attachMediaStream(stream, videoEl, {muted: true});
// click handler for clicking on the video 
function capture() {
    // create an image element 
    var image = document.createElement('img');
    // set the source to dataURI from photograb 
    image.src = photograb(videoEl);
    // set it as the contents of our container 
    containerEl.innerHTML = image.outerHTML;
    return false;
// register our handler 
videoEl.addEventListener('click', capture, false);


No options are necessary.

But you can pass the following as part of the options object:

width - will return an image of that width, if passed by itself, it will scale proportionately.

height - will return an image of that height, if passed by itself, it will scale proportionately.

** note if you pass both a height/width it will skew image.




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