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Phonsole-CLI npm version

This is the CLI for the phonsole application. To install it, run npm install -g phonsole.

How to use

The app listens to the standard input, and sends it to the phonsole server. For example, if you want to send the output of the script you pipe the output of the script to phonsole like so:

./ --color 2>&1 | phonsole

Phonsole can only read the stdout stream from, so we have to use 2>&1 to redirect stderr to stdout. Also, many scripts will not use colours if they detect that the output is not a terminal, and you have to force them to use colours by passing a --color flag or similar.


By default, phonsole will use as the server url. You can use the PHONSOLE_SERVER environment variable to override this.

Command line args:

    -v, --verbose     Turn on verbose output
    --id              The id of the console, shown in the web UI. Defaults to a random name.
    --no-ssl          Communicate with the server via http as opposed to https. This is intended to be used only when running the app locally for development purposes. It is not recommended for normal use.


Distributed under the GPL V3 license