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PhoneGap Vueify

PhoneGap with Vue, Browserify + vueify, hot reload, linting and unit testing.

Getting Started


To use this you'll need Node.js v5 or newer.


via Github

$ git clone MyApp
$ cd MyApp
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

via Phonegap

$ npm install -g phonegap
$ phonegap create MyApp --template phonegap-vueify
$ cd MyApp
$ npm run dev

via Cordova

$ npm install -g cordova
$ cordova create MyApp --template=phonegap-vueify
$ cd MyApp
$ npm run dev

Please, change MyApp with your folder name.
You can then open the app in your browser by visiting localhost:8888

What's included

  • npm run dev: Browserify + vueify with proper config for source map & hot-reload.
  • npm run build: Production build with HTML/CSS/JS minification.
  • npm run lint: Lint JavaScript and *.vue files with ESLint.
  • npm test: Unit tests in PhantomJS with Karma + karma-jasmine + karma-browserify, with support for mocking and ES2015.
  • npm run prepare [ ios | android ]: Set the platform. Example (npm run prepare -- ios).
  • npm run [ ios | android ]: Run in the iOS simulator / Android emulator. (Running in another terminal).
  • npm run compile [ ios | android ]: Build the app for the specified platform. Example (npm run compile -- ios).
  • npm run clean: Clean the platforms/ and dist/ folders.


MIT. Copyright (c) 2016 Maurizio Lepora.