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Phở Devstack NPM version

Automated workflow for front-end developers in one tasty bowl of code.


  • Yeoman generator
  • Livereload (without browser reload for CSS)
  • Sass and Less stylesheets compilation
  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS minification
  • Advanced image handling (base64 inlining, image optimization, sprite generation)
  • Browserify modules (written in JavaScript or CoffeeScript)
  • Linting JavaScript
  • Running unit and end to end tests
  • Configurable directory structure
  • Replacing text in HTML (meta tags, analytics codes)
  • Scripts and stylesheets revisioning
  • Running build after file is changed
  • Configurable plugins
  • Stays up-to-date


Run npm install -g gulp yo generator-pho

Phở Devstack uses Gulp as task runner, Yeoman for scaffolding new projects and Bower for installing client-side packages.

Learn more about installing Phở at Getting Started guide


For a Getting Started guide, FAQ, etc. see documentation.


This software should be stable. We've used it in Source for all new landing pages and in abdoc for all new client projects since February 2014. We're currently working mainly on documentation.

Want to contribute?

See our Contributing guide


MIT license