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The ultra-lightweight Node.js HTTP client

Full documentation | GitHub | NPM

Simple Usage

const p = require('phin')

const res = await p('')


Note that the above should be in an async context! phin also provides an unpromisified version of the library.


npm install phin

Why phin?

phin is trusted by some really important projects. The hundreds of contributors at Less, for example, depend on phin as part of their development process.

Also, phin is super lightweight. Like 99.8% smaller than request lightweight. To compare to other libraries, see phin vs. the Competition.

phin became 33% lighter with release 2.7.0!

Quick Demos

Simple POST:

await p({
	url: '',
	method: 'POST',
	data: {
		hey: 'hi'

Unpromisified Usage

const p = require('phin').unpromisified

p('', (err, res) => {
	if (!err) console.log(res.body)

Simple parsing of JSON:

// (In async function in this case.)

const res = await p({
	url: '',
	parse: 'json'


Full Documentation

See the phin documentation.

phin vs. the Competition

Request is over 6MB in size. phin is just 25KB in size.

phin is a very lightweight library.

It contains all of the common HTTP client features included in competing libraries!

Package Size (KB) Dependencies
(Tree Count)
Size Comparison
(vs. phin)
request 4,446 53 444.6x
superagent 1,235 24 123.5x
got 664 44 66.4x
snekfetch 107 0 10.7x
phin 10 1 1x

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