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A slider UI component for Javascript library

Initialize the slider in your preload function

slider = new phaseSlider(game); //make sure to have slider publicly available

And then simply construct your slider in the main function of your game or anywhere else

    customSliderBG: false,
    mode: "horizontal",
    sliderBGAlpha: 0.8,
    width: 500,
    height: 400,
    x: game.width / 2 - 500 / 2,
    y: game.height / 2 - 400 / 2,
    objects:[block1, block2, block3, block4, block5]

View examples: Advanced example | Simple example

General Options:

  • mode: Type of movement for the slides (default horizontal, vertical-from-bottom, vertical-from-top)
  • width: The width of the slider (default 500 pixels)
  • height: The height of the slider (default 400 pixels)
  • x The x position of the slider (default 0)
  • y The y position of the slider (default 0)
  • objects An array of sprites or groups that will be the slides (added as they appear on the array left->right)
  • animationDuration: This sets the speed of the animation while sliding (default: 600ms)
  • animationEasing: The easing applied to the sliding animation (default Phaser.Easing.Cubic.Out)
  • sliderBG A single color to paint the background of the slider (default #35d2e0)
  • customSliderBG A cache value to serve as a background for the slider (default false)
  • sliderBGAlpha The alpha value for the slider background (default 1)
  • customHandleNext A cache value for the the right arrow (if omited the liv has a build-in image to place)
  • customHandlePrev A cache value for the the left arrow (if omited the liv has a build-in image to place)
  • showHandles Whether or not to show arrows for slider navigation (default true)
  • onNextCallback A callback function to be called when the slider navigates forward (default false)
  • onPrevCallback A callback function to be called when the slider navigates backwards (default false)
  • autoAnimate If we want the slider to aumatically rotate the slider (default false)
  • animationDelay The delay between slide change when autoAnimate is set to true (default 2s)
  • modal Add a black modal behind the slider (default false)
  • modalAlpha The amount of alpha (opacity) for the slider modal (default 0.7)
  • staticElements The static elements that need to be added but not move (default [])

API Functions

  • createSlider | Creates the slider object and the slides
  • startSlider | Starts the automatic rotation of the slider if autoAnimate is set to true
  • stopSlider | Stops the automatic rotation of slides
  • moveToSlide | Navigate to specific slide index (args: index:Number, animated:Boolean)
  • goToNext | Navigate to the next slide
  • goToPrev | Navigate to the previous slide
  • getCurrentIndex | Receive the current slide index
  • hideSlider | Render the slider not visible (the slider will not be able to receive input events)
  • showSlider | Render the slider visible
*Note: When automatic rotation has started, navigating from the control arrows (next, prev) will stop the auto animation

Please let me know if you come across some bug or have something to contribute




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