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Please use Glitch. It's everything we wanted to make.

This is the desktop app for Pharaoh, a project started by a group of students at DevMountain. Please see our core repo for more information on Pharaoh.

Until this hits version 1.0, please expect breakage on any branch! If you need something that works, get this from NPM (npm i -g pharaoh); those releases are fully functional.

This app is built on NW.js, using React and Firebase. To get started using Pharaoh, simply npm i -g pharaoh, and then run pharaoh. To get started hacking on it, git clone, cd pharaoh-desktop, and npm run dev to run Pharaoh for the browser, with hot loading, then navigate to

Please be aware that some of the npm scripts will not work in a non-POSIX environment. If you're on a Windows machine, use something that makes it un-Windows-y.

Have a bug? Or an improvement? Please check out the contribution guide.

Want the legal? License here.