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Run PhantomJS scripts on a remote server (e.g. if the phantomjs binary is not available on the local system, like a PaaS virtual machine with an unsupported architecture for phantomjs node wrapper.)

This is my first node.js script, go easy on me :)


var phantomjs_remote = require('phantomjs-remote');
phantomjs_remote.send(phantomJsScript, callback, [options], [host], [port]).

options is an optional JSON dictionary with any required options, for now only load-images is supported, e.g. { 'load-images': 'no' }.

The last two options may be ommitted if PHANTOMJS_REMOTE environment variable is set with "host:port".

Short example:

phantomjs_remote('console.log(1); phantom.exit();', function(error, result) {
    if (!error)
}, { 'load-images': 'no'} );

Server script / SECURITY

You are advised against running this script on it's own and should instead:

  1. Run it in a chroot jail
  2. Firewall the port to only receive connections from trusted hosts

Anyways, run like this:

node phantom-server.js <listenPort>


while `true`; do node phantom-server.js <listenPort> ; done