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node-phantomjs-sync Build Status

Note: API change in version 1.0.0, see section below.

This is a synchronous version of the phantom for node module using fibers.


npm install phantom-sync

upgrade to V1

The main changes are the following:

  • 1/ async and mixed mode options have been removed
  • 2/ require should be: {phantom,sync} = require 'phantom-sync'
  • 3/ no need to create a Phantom object

usage (coffeescript)

{phantom,sync} = require 'phantom-sync'
sync ->
  ph = phantom.create()
  page = ph.createPage()
  status = ""
  console.log "status="status  
  title = page.evaluate ->
  console.log "title="title


This is the phantom for node API where that callbacks have been transformed into returns. Therefore it should be very similar to the PhantomJS API, except for the getters/setters function which need to be called like in the following code:

page.set 'settings.loadImages'false
page.get 'settings.loadImages'