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Pixel Gun Encyclopedia Module

Currently working on this module! Display information on Pixel Gun weapons, gadgets, pets, skins, gameplay and many more! Currently working on weapons.

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Note: this node module requires discord.js version 12 to run

Table of contents:


npm install pg3dmodule # local module usage 


const pg3dmodule = require('pg3dmodule')

Automatic Usage

This feature allows messages to be sent with an automatic return, e.g. your discord bot prefix is pg!, and you wanted an embed about exterminators, you would use pg!extermin, or any other shortform, this would allow this module to automatically search for the required MessageEmbed. You can replace the .gun after the .autoDetect with something else!!

const pg3dmodule = require('pg3dmodule')
const check = args.slice(0).join(' ');
if(!check){ return }
const embedToSend = pg3d.autoDetect.gun(args.slice(0).join(' '));

Manual Usage


The menus function of this module allows you to send an embed with information about specific objects or items in game, shortly detailed with some information from the pg3d fandom.

const pg3dmodule = require("pg3dmodule") ## Sends an embed with information about guns

Gun Information

You can change exterminator with another name, e.g. None of the gun names are starting with capital letters, any gun name with a space would not have a capital on the second word, the Anti Champion Rifle becomes antichampionrifle, there wouldn't be any short forms or capital letters in the names.

const pg3dmodule = require("pg3dmodule") ## Sends an embed with information about exterminator

Gadget Information

Similar to how it would go with gun information. Still no capital letters or short form.

const pg3dmodule = require("pg3dmodule") ## Sends an embed with information about the gadget, ninja shurikens


If you need help with this module or have troubling issues with this module, please feel free to join our official discord server.

Credible People

• Jeffplays2005 (me, the developer/maker of the module)

• People who wrote the fandom(where all the useful information comes from, special thanks to Just leafy, Luy, Notna and all the other people who contributed to

• Pixel gun 3d developers(Most thanks to them as they put so much effort into developing the game :))


Copyright MIT © 2020 Jeffplays2005

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