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This is an angular module that abstracts the complexity of making Pesapal payments with Angular.



1. Install the module

npm install pesapal-pay

Register your IPN URL here

2. Import the module

In your app.module.ts or any module where the component or directive would be used like so:

import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';

import { PesapalPayModule } from 'pesapal-pay';

  imports: [
      "<your consumer key>",
      "<your consumer secret>",
      "<your IPN ID>"

export class AppModule {}

3. Implement in your application

There are three available options

*PesapalPayComponent: Renders a button which when clicked loads Pesapal in an iframe

    [styles]="{'background-color': 'pink', 'font-size': '16px'}"
    [button_text]="'Buy me coffee'"

*PesapalPayDirective: A directive that loads Pesapal in an iframe when clicked

  >Pay with Pesapal

*PesapalPayTemplate: Renders a payment form on a dialog


For more information check out Pesapal's documentation


Name Default Value Required Description
@Input() id: string
true Unique merchant reference
@Input() currency: string `KES` true Transaction currency
@Input() amount: number undefined true Amount to be processed.
@Input() description: string undefined true Order description. `maximum - 100 characters`
@Input() callback_url: string undefined true A valid URL which Pesapal will redirect your clients to processing the payment.
@Input() notification_id: string `IPN ID` true An IPN URL which Pesapal will send notifications to after payments have been processed.
@Input() phone_number: number undefined true Customer's phone number
@Input() email_address: string undefined true Customer's email address
@Input() country_code: string undefined false 2 characters long country code in `[ISO 3166-1]`
@Input() first_name: string undefined false Customer's first name
@Input() middle_name: string undefined false Customer's middle name
@Input() last_name: string undefined false Customer's last name
@Input() line_1: string undefined false Customer's main address
@Input() line_2: string undefined false Customer's alternative address
@Input() city: string undefined false Customer's city
@Input() state: string undefined false Customer's state Maximum - `3 characters`
@Input() postal_code: string undefined false Customer's postal code
@Input() zip_code: string undefined false Customer's zip code
@Input() cancellation_url: string undefined false A valid URL which Pesapal will redirect your clients to incase they click on cancel request while on the Payment link.
@Input() disabled: boolean `false` false Whether the component is disabled.
@Input() button_text: string `Pay with Pesapal` false Button text button
@Input() class: string undefined false Button class name
@Input() styles: object {} false CSS stylings, eg {fontColor: 'red'} (not available for inline embed)
@Input() iframe_width: string `600px` false iframe width
@Input() iframe_height: string `600px` false iframe height
@Input() errorMessages: boolean `false` false Show error messages

4. Example using Angular Forms

In your .ts file,

  interface IFormGroup extends FormGroup {
  value: IForm
  controls: {
      currency: FormControl,
      amount: FormControl,
      description: FormControl
 this['Paymentform'] ={
    currency: ['', [Validators.required]],
    amount: ['', [Validators.required]],
    description: ['', [Validators.required, Validators.maxLength(256)]]
  }) as IFormGroup

In your .html file,

  <form [formGroup]="Paymentform">
      <input [formControl]="form.controls.number" type="number" placeholder="amount">
      <input [formControl]="form.controls.currency" type="text" placeholder="currency">
      <input [formControl]="form.controls.description" type="text" placeholder="description">

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