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    Behaviors for Personality Insights

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    Obtain behaviors from Personality Insights' profiles. Behaviors present in this component are based on scientific research.

    Getting Started

    1. Require and instance personality-behaviors component
    const PersonalityBehaviors = require('personality-behaviors');
    const personalityBehaviors = new PersonalityBehaviors({ locale: 'es' });
    1. Get profile's behavior
    const profile = require('./resources/profile');
    const behaviors = personalityBehaviors.behaviors(profile);
    1. Render behaviors somewhere! Try rendering them as cards!

    See the complete example code or try it live

    More Features

    There are more features available such as:

    • Including the component as a browser script. Component will be exported as the global variable PersonalityBehaviors.

    • Filtering behaviors by category, industry or both!

    const financeBehaviors = personalityBehaviors.behaviors(profile, { category: ['finance'] });
    const mediaBehaviors = personalityBehaviors.behaviors(profile, { industry: ['media'] });
    • Get category and industry listings
    const industries =;
    const categories = personalityBehaviors.categories();
    • Formatting descriptions in html or markdown optionally!
    const personalityBehaviors = new PersonalityBehaviors({ format:'html' });
    const mediaBehaviors = personalityBehaviors.behaviors(profile, { industry: ['media'] });

    API Methods

    The available methods are the following ones:

    • constructor :: (Options) -> PersonalityBehaviors - Obtain an instance of PersonalityBehaviors.
    • behaviors :: (Profile, FilterOptions) -> [Behavior] - Calculate the list of behaviors that apply to the given Personality Insights Profile.
    • categories :: [Category] - List of categories available.
    • industries :: [Industry] - List of industries available.


    • Profile is a IBM Watson Personality Insights profile which is basically the service JSON output, parsed into a JavaScript Object.
    • Options are options for the behaviors component. Available options are:
      • locale - A String with the locale used to generate the labels.
      • format - A String with format. Available formats are ["plain", "html", "markdown"].
    • FilterOptions are filter options for the behaviors matching.
      • category - A String or [String] with the categories to include.
      • industry - A String or [String] with the industries to include.
    • Category and Industry are Strings.


    npm i personality-behaviors

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