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Persistent torrent client for web browsers and web workers

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Perma-Torrent persists everything to IndexedDB so the torrent data does not disappear when the web page is closed. This also means that the torrent data is shared across all web pages so only one page has to do the downloading while any number of web pages can stream the downloaded data. The torrent data is even accessible from within web workers!


Perma-Torrent makes extensive use of WebTorrent so why not just use WebTorrent? The main reason Perma-Torrent was created was because Service Workers and other Web Workers do not have access to the WebRTC api so they cannot use WebTorrent to download torrents. Perma-Torrent bridges this gap by allowing the downloaded torrent data to be streamed from all web workers and web pages.


Add a torrent then stream a file

var pt = new PermaTorrent()
return pt.add('')
.then(torrent => {
  let file = torrent.getFile('foobar.txt')
  let stream = file.getStream()

Add a torrent then stream a file in a web worker

In a web page:

var pt = new PermaTorrent()
// Only web pages can download torrents since
// web workers do not have access to the WebRTC api

In a web worker:

var pt = new PermaTorrent()
return pt.add('')
.then(torrent => {
  let file = torrent.getFile('foobar.txt')
  let stream = file.getStream()


var pt = new PermaTorrent([opts])

All instances by default share the same underlying storage so adding a torrent to one instance adds it to all instances. To separate instances from one other define opts.namespace. The opts argument can take the following properties:

  • opts.namespace - Unique string used to insulate instances from each other. Defaults to 'permatorrent'

pt.add(torrentBuffer).then(torrent => {})

Adds the given torrent to the instance and all other instances within the same namespace. torrentBuffer must be a buffer of the .torrent file. torrent is an instance of Torrent which is documented below.

pt.getAll().then(torrents => {})

Returns all the torrents that PermaTorrent holds. torrents is an array of Torrent instances.


Starts the seeder which does the actual downloading and uploading of torrents. This method can only be called in web pages and not in web workers.

pt.remove(infoHash).then(() => {})

Removes the given torrent with the given infoHash


Frees the internal resources of the instance.

API - Torrent

The name of the torrent


The size of the torrent in bytes


The content based hash of the torrent that uniquely identifies it


An array of File instances that allow for the streaming of the file's data.

var file = torrent.getFile(filePath)

Returns the File instance whose path in the torrent matches the given filePath. If no file is found then undefined is returned.

API - File

The file name


The path of the fileInfo


The size of the file

var stream = file.getStream([opts])

Returns a NodeJS Readable stream for the file. The file can be streamed while it is being downloaded and be sure to call pt.startSeeder() in at least one instance. opts can take the following properties:

  • opts.start - The byte offset to start streaming from within the file
  • opts.end - The byte offset to end the streaming

var webStream = file.getWebStream([opts])

Returns a WhatWG Readable stream for the file. This type of stream is new and only available in a few browser; this method throws if it is called and the browser does not support this type of stream. opts can take the following properties:

  • opts.start - The byte offset to start streaming from within the file
  • opts.end - The byte offset to end the streaming

`file.getBlob([opts]).then(blob => {})``

Returns a Blob of the file's data. opts can take the following properties:

  • opts.start - The byte offset to start the blob from
  • opts.end - The byte offset to end at

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