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Periodic is an open source framework that optimizes the process used to develop new user interfaces and components for web based publications.

Periodic Web Client

Boilerplate web client

You need to make sure you have nodemon and grunt installed globally first

$ npm install nodemon -g
$ npm install grunt-cli -g
$ npm install

Hop into the app directory (the app gets copied via a grunt task), install dependencies for the app, create a log directory, fire up the app.

$ cd periodic/app.web-client
$ npm install
$ mkdir logs
$ npm run webapp

You need to make sure you have browserify installed globally first

$ npm install browserify -g
$ cd periodic/app.web-client
$ npm run appdev

watch for file changes for automated linting and browserify compliation, It's wise to run JSLinting while developing to catch errors on the fly

$ cd periodic/app.web-client
$ npm run watch