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Periodic Web Client

Boilerplate web client


You need to make sure you have nodemon and grunt installed globally first

$ npm install nodemon -g
$ npm install grunt-cli -g


$ npm install

Starting App

Hop into the app directory (the app gets copied via a grunt task), install dependencies for the app, create a log directory, fire up the app.

$ cd periodic/app.web-client
$ npm install
$ mkdir logs
$ npm run webapp


You need to make sure you have browserify installed globally first

Installing browserify

$ npm install browserify -g

Starting app

$ cd periodic/app.web-client
$ npm run appdev

Start Developing app & JSLinting

watch for file changes for automated linting and browserify compliation, It's wise to run JSLinting while developing to catch errors on the fly

$ cd periodic/app.web-client
$ npm run watch