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Run Cypress tests in Perfecto cloud

🔗 Documentation


npm i perfecto-cypress-sdk


💡 in Windows you may need to add npx before any SDK commands in the command-line This package expose CLI interface try this

$ perfecto-cypress --help

perfecto-cypress <command>

  perfecto-cypress init    init Perfecto and Cypress configuration files
  perfecto-cypress pack    Zip tests files according to configurations
  perfecto-cypress run     Run Cypress tests on Perfecto cloud
  perfecto-cypress upload  Upload tests zip archive to Perfecto cloud repository

  --version  Show version number                                       [boolean]
  --help     Show help                                                 [boolean]

It also exposed aan api to use programmatically from JavaScript code

import perfectoCypress from 'perfecto-cypress-sdk';{...});

Init command

perfecto-cypress init --tests.path=./tests

Init command will create perfecto-config.json file.

💡 This is the time to follow the instruction here. This step is important to allow us creating the execution report.

Run command

perfecto-cypress run --credentials.securityToken=******

Run command will an archive zip file with tests package (Cypress tests code, and the configuration files) Run command will save this archive in the client Perfecto repository and start execute the tests in parallel inside Perfecto cloud environment.

💡 Yo may override all config options from CLI/API interface except capabilities. Also it is not recommended to store securityToken in the perfecto-config.json file.

Pac and Upload commands

if you want to create the archive and use it later, for example if you have tests that running periodically. you can create the archive:

perfecto-cypress pack
perfecto-cypress upload --folderType=PUBLIC --temporary=false

copy the artifact id from the upload command output. for example: Now you can any time cal run command:

perfecto-cypress run

it will skip the pack and upload steps and just execute the tests stored in the provided archive.


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