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Percy Figma

Helps you upload Figma images to Percy and get visual comparisons.


First, make sure you have the Percy CLI installed. If not, install it using npm:

npm install -g @percy/cli

Install the package globally using npm:

npm install percy-figma


  1. Here we will be using a single config file to save all your settings required to upload your figma images to percy.
  • Details regarding the Figma account, list of designs, and the Percy project can be provided under this config file. A sample .yml file:
percy_token: Percy Project Token
figma_token: Figma Account Access Token
figma_file_token: Figma File Token
ids: ["111-111", "222-222"]
names: ["Snapshot 1", "Snapshot 2"]
  • Percy Project Token can be found under the project settings section in Percy.
  • The Figma Account Access Token can be generated from the "Personal access tokens" section of account settings.
  • Access tokens can also be generated from here.
  • The Figma File Token (i.e., the figma_file_token parameter) can be found in your Figma file URLs, e.g.,**file-token**/MockUpName.
  • In the ids array, we need to provide a list of node-ids which can be found from the URLs, e.g.,**node-id=1-100**.
  • The names array should contain names corresponding to the ids array. The snapshots will be uploaded onto Percy with the names mentioned in this array.
  1. Alternatively the tokens can be provided as environment variables as well.

    • Percy project token:

      # macOS
      export PERCY_TOKEN="your-percy-project-token"
      # Windows
      set PERCY_TOKEN="your-percy-project-token"
    • Figma Account Access Token:

      # macOS
      export FIGMA_TOKEN="your-figma-user-token"
      # Windows
      set FIGMA_TOKEN="your-figma-user-token"
    • Figma File Token:

      # macOS
      export FIGMA_FILE_TOKEN="your-figma-file-token"
      # Windows
      set FIGMA_FILE_TOKEN="your-figma-file-token"
  2. Uploading the designs onto Percy

    Run the command:

    npx percy-figma

    By default, the package looks for the percyFigma.yml config file. If you are using a different config file, specify it using the --config flag:

    npx percy-figma --config your-config-file.yml

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