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Percent control done right

Percent is a npm module which gives you nice options to control percentages. It's like semver for percentages.


$ npm install percent


Calculate percentage

const percent = require('percent');
console.log(percent.calc(5, 20, 0)); // => 25

Validate percentage

const percent = require('percent');
if (percent.valid(5)) { // => true
  console.log('5 is a valid percent value');

Compare percentages

const percent = require('percent');
if ('5%', 6)) { // => true
  console.log('a is smaller than b');


const percent = require('percent');


Usage: percent.calc(value, total, decimal, [sign])
Example: percent.calc(5, 20, 0)

Calculates percentage from the given number (value) and total number (total) with specified number of decimals (decimal).

sign may be boolean which turns percent sign (%) addition. Returns percent value with percent sign if sign is true (it's false by default). If sign is string, it will be used as value suffix.



Returns supreme percent regexp.


Usage: percent.valid(value)
Example: percent.valid('5%')

Checks if value is valid percent value. It is valid if it's a number, number-like string (e.g. '10', not 10), or string with number and percent sign. Spaces are allowed in strings.


Usage: percent.sign(value)
Example: percent.sign(5)

Adds percent sign to value.


Usage: percent.unsign(value)
Example: percent.unsign('5%')

Removes percent sign(s) from value.


Usage: percent.clean(value)
Example: percent.clean(' 5 % ')

Removes percent sign(s) and spaces from value.


Usage: percent.convert(value, [negative])
Example: percent.convert(' 5 % ')

Converts percent-like string to number. Returns negative number if negative is true.


Usage:, t)
Example:'5%', 6)

Checks is the first argument smaller than second.


Usage:, t)
Example:'6%', 5)

Checks is the first argument greater than second.


Usage: percent.eq(e, q)
Example: percent.eq('5%', 5)

Checks are the arguments logically equal.


Usage: percent.neq(ne, q)
Example: percent.neq('6%', 5)

Checks are the arguments logically unequal.


Usage: percent.satisfies(value, min, max)
Example: percent.satisfies(5.5, 5, 6)

Checks does the value satisfy the given range. It will exchange min and max values if min is bigger than max.


MIT © Zlatan Vasović

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