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generate statistics about a running process, count events or rates, per second, or average a value within a window (i.e average response time)

  • requests per second
  • avg response time
  • avg response size
  • data per second

new Persecond({persecond: 60, percount: false}, windowLength, N) //if 60 then calculate statistic per second (i.e. else divide by count) //every window length emit the current mean, and mean and stddev of the last N windows

i.e new PerSecond({request: 60, resTime: false}, 60e3, 60) //average every minute, keep track of last hour

(we will need to balance for the peaks. can calculate that with stddev)

event ('name') //count 1 event

every minute (windowLength) emit aggregated stats

average events per second, stddev

event ('resTime', ms) // register a response time of ms milliseconds.