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    HI! Meet pepka - JavaScript/TypeScript functional programming utilities library named after my paraqeet.

    This lib is intended to be a functional toolkit more flexible than ramda is. Its' basic API is similimar to ramda's one. Other goals are:

    • Async pipes. They are not super-pure, but super handy.
    • Most flexible types as possible (Let'em be any better than crashing because of their failures. I'm currently working on full JSDocs and better basic types).
    • Tree-shakeble ans smallest possible. What could be native, is native.
    • Has "quick" alternatives of most computation-heavy functions with q prefix which are not completely safe by fp means.
    • Has some basic additinal must-have stuff that ramda does not.

    Full docs are coming, please reference ramda's ones for most operations and examples:

    Basic API differences:

    • mergeDeep - replaces arrays.
      • mergeDeepX - replaces elements with same indexes.
      • mergeDeepAdd - adds new element to arrays.
    • type - returns type UpperCased of anything passed to it, including classes and typed arrays.
    • mapKeys - changes existing keys and data by map or function like usual mapper.
    • explore(label)(data) - compose(explore('the number'))(42) results in 'the number', 42 in console passing by the data.
    • genBy(generator(index), length) - generates arrays.
    • sizeof(array or object) - counts indexes of it.
    • Aliases: mirror, reflect, echo = identity.
    • Quicks: qappend, qassoc, qreduce, qmergeDeep, qmergeDeepX, qmergeDeepAdd, qmapKeys, qfilter

    Async APIs:

    • composeAsync - waits for a Promise if emitted by a pipe inside it.
    • waitAll = Promise.all
    • forEachAsync - runs a handler with all elements passed in parallel.
    • forEachSerial - waits for a previous handler to resolve if Promise emitted.


    npm i pepka

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