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Package defines pending value abstraction in form of three [polymorphic methods][method], where each one can be extended per type. This abstraction likely to be used in conjunction with watchable.


pending/is module provides method that must return true for all pending values and return false for all others. Method has default implementation that returns false. Types that wish to implement this abstraction should return true while value is considered pending.

var isPending = require("pending/is")
function Pending() {
  this._result = this
  this._pending = true
  this._listeners = []
isPending.define(Pending, function(value) {
  return value._pending
isPending(5)              // => false 
isPending({})             // => false 
isPending(new Pending)    // => true 


pending/await module provides method that can be used to register listener that must be called once value is no longer pending. Method has default implementation that calls listener immediately with a value since non of the built-in types considered to be pending. Custom types wishing to implement this abstraction should define this method such that all registered listeners will be invoked with a delivery value once they it transitions to non-pending state.

var await = require("pending/await")
await(3, console.log)       // => info: 3 
await({}, console.log)      // => info: {} 
await.define(Pending, function(value, handler) {
  if (!isPending(value)) handler(value._result)
  else if (!~value._listeners.indexOf(handler)) value._listeners.push(handler)


pending/deliver module provides method that can is supposed to doliver pending values and transition them form pending to non-pending state, such transition supposed to happen only once. Method does not comes with default implementation as non of the built-ins are considered pending, there for attempt to call it on values that don't implement it will throw. Custom types wishing to implement pending abstraction may choose to implement it, although it's optional since some pending values may be observable but not deliverable.

var deliver = require("pending/deliver")
deliver.define(Pending, function(value, result) {
  // Ignore delivery for no longer pending values, or 
  // if value delivery is already in progress. 
  if (isPending(value) && value._result === value) {
    // Empty listeres array to allow registration of new listeners 
    // in side effect to dispatch, in order to guarantee FIFO order. 
    var count = 0
    var index = 0
    var listeners
    value._result = result
    while (index <= count) {
      if (index === count) {
        listeners = value._listeners.splice(0)
        count = listeners.length
        index = 0
        if (count === index) {
          value._pending = false
          index = index + 1
      } else {
        index = index + 1


npm install pending