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End of Life: Peloton added direct Strava support which makes this module unnecessary. This will probably stop working next time Peloton's API changes

What is it

Get's Peloton workout data and creates a TCX file that can be uploaded to Strava or elsewhere.

This package can be required in another node module or used from CLI.

Supported Fields

Cadence, Speed, Heart Rate, and Power are all supported. Power is an extension that is used by Strava, so it may not appear if you import the TCX to somewhere else.

Storing Login Info, Optional

To avoid having to enter a login and password every time, you can create environment variables for PELOTON_LOGIN and PELOTON_PASSWORD. Or, you can store these in a file named .env next to the package.json file. The contents will look something like:



If you install globally then p2t -h should be available and print use instructions. Or if installed locally, depending on your OS, run node bin/p2t or just bin/p2t.

Use in Node

var p2t = require('peloton-to-tcx');
p2t(options, callback);

The callback result when successful will be an array of TCX files.


limit Number of recent workouts to convert

resultsDirectory Directory where TCX files should be saved, default is "./results"

pLogin Peloton username or email

pPassword Peloton password


npm test requires environment variables be set for PELOTON_LOGIN and PELOTON_PASSWORD.