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Waasabi PeerTube integration

This plugin is part of the Waasabi software suite, it provides webhooks for live stream state changes. The plugin is automatically installed by the Waasabi setup during the provisioning of a Waasabi instance with the Peertube streaming backend enabled.

The plugin can be separately installed from the Peertube Plugin interface for existing services that need to be connected to a Waasabi instance, or can be used to receive live video event notifications for status changes in the form of webhooks by any service that requires this.


Note, that the Waasabi setup will take care of installation & configuration for newly installed instances.

The plugin can be manually installed from the admin interface of Peertube by server administrators (usually /admin/plugins).

Click the Search tab to search for plugins, make sure the Plugins toggle is selected, then type the plugin package name into the searchbar: peertube-plugin-waasabi or simply waasabi (note the double-"a"-s).


After installation, the plugin can be configured by clicking the "Settings" button in the Peertube admin interface next to the plugin's name. The following settings are configurable:

  • Waasabi endpoint URL:
    The endpoint URL to send the webhook requests to when the status of a live video has changed. Please note that if there are multiple users registered on the server, status changes will be sent for every user, and filtering will happen on Waasabi's side (discarding requests that don't have corresponding livestream session configured in Waasabi).
  • Waasabi webhook secret:
    The shared secret that is used to encode and validate the Webhook requests. This plugin generates HMAC-SHA-256 authentication codes for the message payload, that is checked on the receiving end by Waasabi to avoid tampering and forged requests.

Screenshot of the plugin settings page

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