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PeerTube - BitTube AirTime Module plugin

BitTube AirTime Module plugin for PeerTube instances.

  • This extension allows you to hook BitTube Airtime Module to your instance.
  • BitTube Airtime is a crypto-native ad-free monetization system. Learn more: https://kb.bittubeapp.com/category/57-airtime
  • This plugin is not a crypto miner! It does not use heavy system resources.
  • After installing this plugin on your instance and linking it with your Airtime account, you will earn TUBE cryptocurrency based on the time that people spend on your feeds and menus (not content).
  • Users (uploaders) can link their Peertube account to their own BitTube Airtime account. Then they will earn TUBE based on the time that others watch their content and profile page.
  • Donate directly to a video or a comment with our extended buttons.


With the BitTube AirTime Module, you are in full control of your online revenue while being able to provide an ad-free experience to your visitors.

Independent from payment providers

BitTube is blockchain based. Therefore, you are the sole proprietor of the generated funds, which you are free to transact and exchange anywhere, or convert into local currency.

Ad-free user experience

Unleash your creativity with clean and ad-free web design that pleases your visitors. Attract new users from within the BitTube ecosystem.

No prerequisites

Start earning from the very first visit on your website, independent from ad networks and advertiser policies. Earnings are fair worldwide, only based on AirTime.

No Mining

Reward distribution splits 45% of the TUBE block reward to the AirTime system to publishers (75%) and viewers (25%).

###### AirTime does not use CPU/GPU resources. It is not a crypto miner, so no overheating or battery drain. alt text

How to install the AirTime Module plugin on your PeerTube instance

- Open a browser and go to your instance homepage. 
- Login as root (or your administrator user).
- Go to Administration panel from left menu.
- On navigation bar (top), click on 'Plugins/Themes'.
- A bit below, click on 'Search' button (next to 'Installed' button).
- In the searchbox below, you can type the name of the Plugin to easy find it.
- Choose your Plugin and click Install (cloud icon).

alt text - Before see the changes, you will need to hard reload your browser. alt text

Quick start

For instance administrators

  • Install Airtime extension and create a user https://bittube.app/
  • Log in your Airtime extension
  • Install Airtime plugin in your instance
  • Login in your instance as root
  • Go to account settings
  • Click on Link Account button and confirm data.

## For instance users

  • Install Airtime extension and create a user https://bittube.app/
  • Log in your Airtime extension
  • Login in the instance with your account
  • Go to account settings
  • Click on Link Account button and confirm data.

Features for all users

alt text

  • 1 Airtime Module: This will hook your active Airtime extension login directly in the platform.
  • 2 Link Account: create link between your Peertube account and Airtime user. Shows status if already linked. Only available in your Account settings,
  • 3 Airtime Extension header: This header recommends installing the Airtime extension and provides links to installation files and tutorials.
  • 4 Donate buttons: This buttons will appear in video watch page and make you able to donate to the video creator or to a comment in a really easy way. alt text

Features for instances

alt text

  • 1 Debug Logs: (default: false) Leave this option unchecked unless you require advanced bug reporting or you're a developer trying to extend the functionality of this plugin.
  • 2 Donate Airtime to PeerTube Federation: (default: false) Check this option only If you prefer to donate the TUBEs generated by your instance to the main PeerTube developers. Otherwise, be sure to link your root account to your extension user and un-check this option.
  • 3 Logged in as root, all features for users are included and bound to your instance.

How to link your PeerTube Airtime with your Airtime extension user

  • 1 At first, you need to install the Airtime extension, create a user and log in with it. For further assistance go to:



  • 2 After being logged in the Airtime extension, you will need to log in your chosen instance. Important: If you want to link your instance Airtime, you need to log in as 'root', otherwise you will only link the Airtime for that user (no-root).

  • 3 Go to Account settings, you can find it inside the submenu next to your avatar.

alt text

  • 4 Below the title 'AIRTIME ACCOUNT LINKING', click ont the Link Account button, a submenu will appear from the right side.

alt text

  • 5 Confirm the data by clicking on submenu button.

alt text

  • 6 Sometimes, you will need to reload the page to see the changes. (Best with Ctrl + F5)

  • 7 Now, by hovering your Link Account button, it will show a message with your Link status.

alt text

alt text

  • 8 There is also a linking section in the Airtime Extension. Here you can check the status and statistics for each linked account.

alt text alt text


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