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a lobby system for peer to peer apps


a node module consisting of a socket server for hosting lobbies, and a library to connect applications via peerjs (Web RTC)

npm install peerjs-lobby

see demo/ for an example of how to setup a peer to peer chat server.

1 start the peerjs-lobby server:


2 open index.html in 2 browser windows

3 type a name in window 1, click create game

4 type a name in window 2, click join game

5 you should now see the players in the lobby

6 in window 1 click start game (only the game creator can start a game)

7 you should see both windows display a chat window. you can type in either window and see the output broadcast to all chatters

NOTE: the demo sets max players to 3, so as soon as 3 people connect, it will auto start.

There are 2 classes

Provides all of the calls needed to setup a game

Create a new lobby with maxPlayers. Every time someone joins or leaves the lobby, it will fire a callback event of the form function(evt, name, players)

Join an existing lobby. Every time someone joins or leaves the lobby, it will fire a callback just like the create call above.

start a new game with all the players currently in the lobby.

Note: only the host can call this.

Note: if the lobby fills up with maxPlayers this will be called automatically

leave the lobby

emitted when a game is started. returns a PeerList object which can be used to communicate with all game members. When this event is received all clients should be fully connected to each other in a p2p configuration.

provides a collection of peer streams and helper methods.

sends a string message to all other peers in the game

lets the other peers know that you're leaving, and disconnects

emitted when new messages arrive from other peers. the callback takes the form of peerID, msg

emitted when another peer leaves the game. the callback takes the form of peer.