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PeerIndex API client for Node.js

This library allows you to easily access all API endpoints for PeerIndex. Refer to the PeerIndex API documentation for more details.


Request a free API key at


Use the API key to create a PeerIndex instance

var PeerIndex = require('peerindex');
var pi = new PeerIndex(API_KEY);

Default configuration can be overriden by providing a config object

var pi = new PeerIndex(API_KEY, {
    protocol: 'https',
    host: '',
    port: 443,
    version: '1'

Call any of the four API methods actorBasic, actorExtended, actorTopic, actorGraph with a parameters object and a callback function

var parameters = {twitter_screen_name: 'dirkbonhomme'};
pi.actorBasic(parameters, function(error, actor){
        console.log('Something went wrong', error);
        console.log('Results', actor);


var parameters = {twitter_id: '14375479'};
pi.actorBasic(parameters, callback);


var parameters = {peerindex_id: '1684545e-ac66-3954-b9fe-a2ddc098db3f'};
pi.actorBasic(parameters, callback);


The library is published to NPM and can be installed with the following command:

$ npm install peerindex


Navigate to this module's repository and make sure you have the development modules installed:

$ npm install

Run the tests:

$ npm test