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The streaming torrent engine that peerflix uses

npm install peerflix-engine

How can I help?

  1. Open issues on things that are broken
  2. Fix open issues by sending PRs
  3. Add documentation


peerflix-engine is a node module that allows you to access files inside a torrent as node streams.

var peerflixEngine = require('peerflix-engine');
var fs = require('fs');
var engine = peerflixEngine(fs.readFileSync('my-test-file.torrent'));
engine.files.forEach(function(file) {
    var stream = file.createReadStream();
    // stream is readable stream to containing the file content 

You can pass start and end options to stream to slice the file

// get a stream containing bytes 10-100 inclusive. 
var stream = file.createReadStream({
    start: 10,
    end: 100

Per default no files are downloaded unless you create a stream to them. If you want to fetch a file anyway use the and file.deselect method.

When you start peerflix-engine it will connect to the torrent dht and fetch pieces according to the streams you create.

Full API

engine = peerflixEngine(opts)

Create a new engine instance. Options can contain the following

    connections: 100,      // Max amount of peers to be connected to. 
    path: '/tmp/my-file', // Where to save the buffer data. 
    dht: true             // Whether or to use the dht to find peers. 
                          // Defaults to true 


Verify the currently saved data before starting the swarm. You should call this as the first method if you want to persist data.


An array of all files in the torrent. See the file section for more info on what methods the file has


Destroy the engine (including the saved data) completely. The callback is optional

engine.listen([port], cb)

Listen for incoming peers on the specified port. Port defaults to 6881


The attached peer-wire-swarm instance

file = engine.files[...]

A file in the torrent. They contains the following data

    name: 'my-filename.txt',
    path: 'my-folder/my-filename.txt',
    length: 424242

Selects the file to be downloaded, but at a lower priority than streams. Useful if you know you need the file at a later stage.


Deselects the file which means it won't be downloaded unless someone creates a stream to it

stream = file.createReadStream(opts)

Create a readable stream to the file. Pieces needed by the stream will be prioritized highly. Options can contain the following

    start: startByte,
    end: endByte

Both start and end are inclusive