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Maintain a synchronized data store between connected Node.js applications

Peer Store

A peer-to-peer data store using dnode

  • Fast
    • All data is transfered over dnode
    • Achieve about 1.2k replications/sec
  • Replicate mutating operations
  • Connections automatically recover
    • Status pings and reconnects are controlled by upnode
  • Create smart data buckets for control over replication
    • Prefills buckets with peer data
  • Implement your own bucket types
    • Default bucket type is a plain object (pure memory)
    • lru-cache bucket type is operational so you may set size and TTL.
    • LevelDB bucket type in progress...
  • Express session store built-in

npm install peer-store

Server A at

var PeerStore = require("peer-store");
var store = new PeerStore({
  peers: [''];

Server B at

var PeerStore = require("peer-store");
var store = new PeerStore({
  peers: [''];

On both Sever A and B:

store.getAll(function(data) {
  console.log(data); // { foo: 42, bar: 7 }  

In addition to the above, do:

  store: store.sessionStore(),
  secret: 'secr3t'

Now all your sessions are magically shared


dnode depends on node-gyp, so in order to npm install on Windows, you'll need to follow the node-gyp Installation guide. Unix and Mac requires python and make so it should just work.

Quick windows links:

Most of the work is being done by substack's dnode