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Run parallel processes

I built this utility because it's easier managing multiple processes in one terminal window vs having a dozen open.

  • Run multiple process in parallel.
  • Restart procs if any files change.
  • Take running processes and start them under a pearl group.
  • Node.js
npm install pearls

In the project you want to run parallel processes, add a app-name.prls file with content similar to this:

command = node ./ --master
command = node ./ --slave

In Terminal, navigate to your project directory, and call:


Pearls will add the processes to the app-name group. You can start the process group by calling:

prls start app-name
Usage: [command] --arg=value --arg2
  help        Show help menu                              
  [cmd] help  Show command help menu                      
  add         Adds a command or path to .pls              
  remove      Removes a group or process                    
  start       Start a new group of processes