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    Pdfbix - Convert HTML & URL to High Quality PDF

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    Nodejs client SDK for Pdfbix

    Pdfbix is one of the cheapest tool to convert your HTML or URL to pdf. You can generate pdf at the cost of setting up your own server. It's a tool developed by developers for developer so that they can focus on business logic & forget about all the hassle of maintaing & scaling servers for generating pdf.


    Download the NPM module

    npm install pdfbix --save


    Create an account at Pdfbix to get your API key.


    Initialize the Client

    Require the package in your code & create a pdfbix object.

    const { Pdfbix } = require('pdfbix');
    const pdfbix = new Pdfbix({ authKey: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' });

    All options that can be passed while creating object

    Key Value Required/Optional Default Description
    authKey String required Required to validate request made via sdk
    baseUrl String optional Used as base URL for all calls
    apiVersion String optional v1 Changed when breaking changes are added

    Convert URL to PDF

    // All options mentioned later in doc
    const args = { fileName: 'example.pdf' }
    pdfbix.convertUrlToPdf('', args).then(res => {
    }).catch(error => {

    Convert HTML to PDF

    // All options mentioned later in doc
    const args = { fileName: 'example.pdf' }
    pdfbix.convertHtmlToPdf('', args).then(res => {
    }).catch(error => {

    Async-Await Implementation

    Above result can also be achieved by using async & await

    try {
        const result = await pdfbix.convertUrlToPdf('', args)
    } catch (error) {

    All options that can be passed in args

    Key Value Required/Optional Default Description
    toUrl Boolean optional true true: return a link to download pdf; false: return base64 representation of pdf
    fileName String optional {requestId}_{currentDatetime} Custom file name given to file
    enableCustomStorage Boolean optional false If enabled all files will be saved to configured s3 bucket in dashboard
    customStorage String optional Will only work if enableCustomStorage is enabled. Valid options are aws and gcp
    pdfOpts Object optional {} Puppeteer options that can be passed, to configure final pdf

    All options that can be passed into pdfOpts can be found here


    It's recommended to enclose pdfbix call into try-catch block to handle unexpected response. Here are possible result format you can expect.

    Success Response

      "statusCode": 200,
      "data": {
        "content": "",
        "isBase64Encoded": false,
        "fileSize": 35.14258,
        "timeTaken": 6.409,
        "cost": 0.00446

    If isBase64Encoded is true then content will contain base64 string representing final pdf, you might need to parse that base64 String. isBase64Encoded will be true when you set toUrl as false in args while calling convertHtmlToPdf or convertUrlToPdf.

    Error Response

      "statusCode": 401,
      "error": {
        "name": "BackendClientError",
        "code": "ERR_INVALID_TOKEN",
        "message": "Token you're passing is invalid.",
        "statusCode": 401,
        "errorData": {}
      "message": "Token you're passing is invalid."

    Possible Error Code

    Code Status Code Description
    ERR_INVALID_TOKEN 401 When token you're passing is not correct
    BAD_REQUEST_DATA 400 Sent for any request which server can't parse or any required parameter is missing
    NO_AUTH_KEY 411 When you're not passing any authKey while initializing SDK
    NEGATIVE_BALANCE 415 Balance is negative in your wallet, Please recharge
    INACTIVE_ACCOUNT 416 Account is inactive or suspended by Admin
    BLOCKED_ACCOUNT 417 Account is blocked by Admin
    INACTIVE_APPLICATION 418 Application is inactive or suspended by Admin
    BLOCKED_APPLICATION 419 Application is blocked by Admin
    NO_URL_PROVIDED 421 You forget to pass url to function convertUrlToPdf
    NO_HTML_PROVIDED 422 You forget to pass HTML String to function convertHtmlToPdf
    NO_STORAGE_CONFIGURED 427 You need to configure your custom storage first (currently S3 supported)
    EMAIL_NOT_VERIFIED 428 Email is not verified. Please verify your email

    Custom Storage Configuration

    Enable s3 Storage

    It's very easy to confugure your own s3 bucket, you just need to generate your aws programmatic keys. Its recommended to create a separate user for your project with right S3 programmatic access.

    Enable google cloud Storage

    You need to create bucket in GCP using console or cli. To do so, you can follow the steps mentioned here.

    To enable upload using code you need to genreate credentials or a role with storage.objects.create permission. You can follow the steps in this guide to upload objects into bucket.

    Note: After you have generated your keys you can configure them on our Customer panel under Account -> Custom Storage. Your keys are stored in encrypted format, So you don't have to worry about any privacy loss.


    npm i pdfbix

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