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    Command line tool which takes PDFs which have multiple pages and produces a PDF which is just one page, wherein the contents of the page are the contents of the input PDF's pages tiled.

    Created with garment patterns in mind, but can theoretically be used on most PDFs.


    This tool is not very complicated, and assumes the following are true for the input PDF:

    • All of the pages are the same size (the tool uses the first page's dimensions to compute the output size)
    • The pages are in order; left-to-right, top-to-bottom (ie. if you have a 3 column output, page 1 is the top left corner, page 4 is right below page 1, and so on)

    The tool also may not handle very large (> 100 page) PDFs at this time. Please file an issue if you have a PDF of that size that you wish to convert.


    PDF De-Tiler requires Node.js. To get a copy, go to the Node.js Downloads Page and run the relevant installer for your system.

    Once you have Node.js, install the tool by running the following command in a terminal:

    npm i -g pdf-detiler

    You can now begin to use the tool! Just specify the PDF you want to convert, and the number of columns that PDF has:

    pdf-detiler -columns 4 my-cool-pattern.pdf

    By default, the tool assumes the specified file path is relative to the working directory the CLI was run from.

    Questions, Comments, Concerns, Issues

    Please feel free to file a new issue on this project's issue tracker (link) or by starting a new discussion (link).


    Want to make a change? Feel free to send a PR.

    That being said, the codebase needs a little sprucing up: it could use some unit tests, a linter, and various other small cleanups and documentation. Until that all gets in place, just try to follow the Google Javascript Style Guide where possible, but don't worry about being rigourous about adhereing to it.


    npm i pdf-detiler

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