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PayPal API makes it easy to work with the PayPal API.

📦 Install PayPal API

Install with npm:

npm install paypal-server-api

🦄 Features

  • Work with the PayPal API

📘 Example Setup

After installing via npm, simply require the library and authenticate it.

// In your functions/index.js file
const Payapl = require('paypal-server-api');
const paypal = new Payapl({
  clientId: 'client_id', // Your PayPal client ID
  secret: 'secret', // Your PayPal secret
  environment: 'production', // Determine which API URL to use (sandbox OR production)
  log: true, // Log some information to the console

// Authenticate with PayPal
await paypal.authenticate();

🚀 Making calls

After installing and authenticating, begin enjoying the library 🧰.

// Get subscription details
const subscription = await paypal.execute(`v1/billing/subscriptions/I-ABC123ABC123`);

// Update subscription pricing
const update = await paypal.execute(`v1/billing/subscriptions/I-ABC123ABC123`, {
  method: 'PATCH',
  body: [
      op: 'replace',
      path: '/plan/billing_cycles/@sequence==1/pricing_scheme/fixed_price',
      value: {
        currency_code: 'USD',
        value: '19.95',
      op: 'replace',
      path: '/plan/payment_preferences/payment_failure_threshold',
      value: 0,
      op: 'replace',
      path: '/plan/payment_preferences/auto_bill_outstanding',
      value: true,

🧪 Testing the library

Add your PayPal client secret and client ID to environment variables and run the test command

export PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID="..."
export PAYPAL_SECRET="..."

npm run test

🗨️ Final Words

If you are still having difficulty, we would love for you to post a question to the PayPal API issues page. It is much easier to answer questions that include your code and relevant files! So if you can provide them, we'd be extremely grateful (and more likely to help you find the answer!)

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Ask us to have your project listed! :)

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