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    An experimental, pluggable build system, built on top of Gulp.


    npm install --save-dev pavios

    Pavios is based around the concept of tasks, which are modules that are installed along with pavios and define gulp tasks.

    For Task Users

    Simply install a pavios module from npm and add its configuration to a .paviosrc file in the root of your project or in any directory above your project's node_modules folder. See the documentation for the rc module used in Pavios for more information.

    Config Guide

    • Standard config format:
      "src": "src/index.js",
      "dest": "build/"
    }, {
      "src": "src/Component.jsx",
      "dest": "build/",
      "opts": {
        "minify": true,
        "sourcemaps": false
    }, {
      "src": "src/lib.js",
      "dest": "build/",
      "opts": {
        "renameTo": "vendor.js",
        "compilerOpts": {
          "stage": 1


      "tasks": {
        "babel": [
            "src": "src/index.js",
            "dest": "build/",
            "opts": {
              "minify": true,
              "sourcemaps": false

    For Task Creators

    Pavios provides a pavios.API object for use in the creation of tasks.

    var pavios = require('pavios');
    var gulp = pavios.gulp;
    var API = pavios.API;
    var getConfig = API.getConfig;
    var gulpModule = require('gulp-module');
    var config = getConfig('task');
    gulp.task('task', function() {
      return gulp.src(config.src)

    In ES6/ES2015:

    let {gulp, API: {getConfig}} = require('pavios');
    let gulpModule = require('gulp-module');
    let config = getConfig('task');
    gulp.task('task', () => {
      return gulp.src(config.src)

    In CoffeeScript:

    {gulpAPI: {getConfig}} = require 'pavios'
    gulpModule = require 'gulp-module'
    config = getConfig 'task'
    gulp.task 'task'->
      gulp.src config.src
      .pipe gulpModule()
      .pipe gulp.dest config.dest

    Config Guide

    Default Config


    • Need something more robust than module.exports.order (it's brittle and requires knowledge of pretty much every Pavios task and what it does)

      • Maybe some sort of "beforeFileOperations", "duringFileOperations", "afterFileOperations", "afterStartingServer" thing?
    • Error handling in pavios-jade (errors from gulp-jade aren't caught)

    • Eslint parsers/plugins have to be installed at the pavios-* level instead of the top level. This needs to be fixed because installing something like babel-eslint in node_modules is unsustainable.

    • Coffeelint doesn't detect coffeelint.json for some reason (This is probably not an issue with where the module is, because pavios-eslint detects .eslintrc correctly, and doesn't work with babel-eslint for it)

    • Should the Gulp API be implemented by the Pavios object?

      • But maybe we want to cleanly separate Gulp functionality and Pavios addons.

        • We might lose the connection to Gulp.
          • Maybe we want to.
      • Doesn't Pavios provide the addons and Gulp the base functionality?

    pavios = require 'pavios'
    {API: {getConfig$typeCheck}} = pavios
    config = getConfig 'babel'
    typeCheck.standard config
    pavios.createTask 'babel'->
      pavios.src 'abc'
      .pipe $.if(prod$.sourcemaps.init())
      .pipe pavios.dest 'def'


    npm i pavios

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