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Create, show and deliver component libraries



patternplate is a platform designed to help you create and maintain component libraries.


patternplate is based on Node.js. Lowest supported version is the current LTS release and the npm version that ships with it.

  • node >= 4
  • npm >= 3


Get up and running with patternplate in three steps. You can find the source of a completed patternplate init guide at getting-started.

# Grab patternplate from npm 
npm install -g patternplate
# Create an initial patternplate setup 
patternplate init patternplate-project
# Start patternplate and open in default browser 
cd patternplate-project && npm install && npm start -- --open
# Go forth and create, show, deliver 


Next steps

  • 🎨 Create
  • 💡 Show
  • 🍕 Deliver

For detailed documentation see the documentation folder


First off: you rock. 🚀

To make everyones live a bit easier patternplate has a contribution guide. Please make sure to read it before opening issues or sending pull requests.

Copyright 2016 by SinnerSchrader Deutschland GmbH and contributors. Released under the MIT license.