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    This project will provide a set of React UI components for the PatternFly project.

    Getting Started

    npm install --save patternfly-react

    Then import Patternfly React UI modules as ES6 modules:

    import { Alert } from 'patternfly-react'

    Using patterfly-react Sass files

    As an alernative to consuming the patternfly-react.css file (found in dist/css), you can build patternfly-react styles into your css by including the Sass partials from dist/sass. The partial _patternfly-react.scss will pull in all the partials required for the patternfly-react components. When using the patternfly-react Sass files, you MUST include bootstrap and patternfly variables and mixins. An example of the required imports can be found in patternfly-react.scss.

    Node Environment

    This project currently supports Node Active LTS releases. Please stay current with Node Active LTS when developing patternfly-react.

    For example, to develop with Node 8, use the following:

    nvm install 8
    nvm use 8

    Storybook UI Development

    This project uses React Storybook to test and demo new React UI components. You can view our current storybook here.

    How to use Storybook locally:

    npm i
    npm start

    How to deploy storybook to github pages in your fork:

    npm run storybook:build
    npm run storybook:deploy

    To deploy Storybook to a remote other than origin, pass a --remote flag to npm run storybook:deploy. For example, to deploy to your upstream remote:

    npm run storybook:deploy -- --remote=upstream

    To deploy Storybook to a target branch and serve with rawgit instead of gh-pages, pass --branch flag to npm run storybook:deploy. This will create a new branch to serve your Storybook (and will be useful if you have multiple open pull requests).

    For example, say you have feature-branch, you can deploy the storybook to a rawgit branch with:

    npm run storybook:deploy -- --branch=feature-branch-storybook

    Meeting Notes

    You can find all Patternfly React Community Meeting notes here.


    npm i patternfly-next-react

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