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a patreon api v2 wrapper that helps you grab your patrons' data easily without hassle.

patreon's api documentation can be found here. do not be confused with other sections, only the "APIv2" sections.

don't think anyone will use this, but the patreon integration is pretty messy and isn't made discord integrations. this package is ideal for you to easily fix discrepancies between roles and pledges, that may occur due to declined payments, or for you to add external perks. c:

example usage

const { Campaign } = require('patreon-discord')

const myCampaign = new Campaign({ 
    patreonToken: process.env.patreon_token,
    campaignId: process.env.campaign_id

myCampaign.fetchPatrons(['active_patron', 'declined_patron'])
    .then(patrons => { 
        // do something

    .then(patron => { 
        // do something


Campaign class

  • takes two mandatory parameters, patreonToken and campaignId

your patreon token can be found at the Developer Portal, called "Creator Access Token".

Campaign.fetchPatrons(patronStatusFilter[]<optional>) method

  • takes one optional argument in an array format. you can input filters to choose what statuses of patrons' you'd like to receive. accepts 4 different options: active_patron, declined_patron, former_patron and null. null is possible according to Patreon's documentation and in my experience - this is if the user has never even pledged.
  • returns an array of patron object.

Campaign.fetchPatron(pledgeId) method

  • inputs an id of a pledge
  • returns a patron object.

patron object

provides all of the Member attributes - for detailed information on what each of these are, go to Patreon's documentation on "Member".

  • campaign_lifetime_support_cents number
  • campaign_entitled_amount_cents number
  • email string
  • full_name string
  • is_follower boolean
  • last_charge_date string (in utc iso format)
  • last_charge_status string
  • lifetime_support_cents number
  • next_charge_date string (in utc iso format)
  • note string
  • patron_status string
  • pledge_cadence number
  • pledge_relationship_start string (in utc iso format)
  • will_pay_amount_cents integer

as well as some mandatory information:

  • pledge_id - this is the id of the pledge. this is also the ID you need to provide in Campaign.fetchPatron(pledgeId) if you want to fetch a specific patron.

  • patron_id - this is the user/creator ID. the profile of the user can always be found via

  • discord_user_id - can be null, if they have not linked their discord yet. this is the user id of their discord integration.

  • currently_entitled_tier_id this is the pledge's tier id. this allows you to figure out what tier the user is pledged to.

  • social_connections an object of their social connections. this is from the user scope from Patreon's docs.

good luck on your integration :)




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