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ChaiJS pathval

Tool for Object value retrieval given a string path for node and the browser.

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What is pathval?

Pathval is a module which you can use to retrieve or set an Object's property for a given String path.



pathval is available on npm. To install it, type:

$ npm install pathval


You can also use it within the browser; install via npm and use the pathval.js file found within the download. For example:

<script src="./node_modules/pathval/pathval.js"></script>


The primary export of pathval is an object which has the following methods:

  • hasProperty(object, name) - Checks whether an object has named property or numeric array index.
  • getPathInfo(object, path) - Returns an object with info indicating the value of the parent of that path, the name of the property we're retrieving and its value.
  • getPathValue(object, path) - Retrieves the value of a property at a given path inside an object'.
  • setPathValue(object, path, value) - Sets the value of a property at a given path inside an object'.
var pathval = require('pathval');

.hasProperty(object, name)

var pathval = require('pathval');
var obj = { prop: 'a value' };
pathval.hasProperty(obj, 'prop'); // true 

.getPathInfo(object, path)

var pathval = require('pathval');
var obj = { earth: { country: 'Brazil' } };
pathval.getPathInfo(obj, ''); // { parent: { country: 'Brazil'  }, name: 'country', value: 'Brazil', exists: true } 

.getPathValue(object, path)

var pathval = require('pathval');
var obj = { earth: { country: 'Brazil' } };
pathval.getPathValue(obj, ''); // 'Brazil' 

.setPathValue(object, path, value)

var pathval = require('pathval');
var obj = { earth: { country: 'Brazil' } };
pathval.setPathValue(obj, '', 'USA');; // 'USA'