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A node.js library and a command-line tool (pathspec-find) for matching and introspection of shell/.gitignore-style masks.

Shell-style file name masks:

var Mask = require('pathspec').Mask;
console.log(Mask.parse('*.txt').matches('foo.txt')); // true
console.log(Mask.parse('*.txt').matches('foo.js'));  // false

Shell-style path wildcards:

var RelPathSpec = require('pathspec').RelPathSpec;
console.log(RelPathSpec.parse('foo/**/bar/*.txt').matches('foo/moo/goo/bar/myfile.txt')); // true
console.log(RelPathSpec.parse('foo.txt').matches('bar/foo.txt')); // false

.gitignore-style path wildcards:

var RelPathSpec = require('pathspec').RelPathSpec;
console.log(RelPathSpec.parseGitStyleSpec('foo/**/bar').matches('foo/moo/goo/bar/poo/koo/myfile.txt')); // true
console.log(RelPathSpec.parseGitStyleSpec('foo.txt').matches('bar/foo.txt')); // true

.gitignore-style path lists:

var RelPathList = require('pathspec').RelPathList;
var list = RelPathList.parse(['*.js', '!bin/*.js']);
console.log(list.matches('foo.js')); // true
console.log(list.matches('lib/foo.js')); // true
console.log(list.matches('bin/foo.js')); // false

Build a path list manually (spec style is up to you):

var RelPathList = require('pathspec').RelPathList;
var list = new RelPathList();
console.log(list.matches('foo.js')); // true
console.log(list.matches('lib/foo.js')); // false
console.log(list.matches('bar.js')); // false

Note: they are called RelSomething because the paths are relative to some specific unknown root. Beware that things like '.' and '..' are not treated in any special way.


npm install pathspec

Command-line tool

Includes pathspec-find(1) which is similar to find(1):

pathspec-find . '*.json'
find . | pathspec-find - '*.json' '!excluded/folder'

The first argument is the folder to look in. Pass a single dash (-) to read the list of files from stdin, one path per line.

The remaining arguments are .gitignore-style masks. At least one is required.

Pass --help for usage, -v for verbose mode (currently just dumps the RelPathList before processing).

Running tests

npm test
REPORTER=dot npm test