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    Create or parse an object path based on dot or bracket syntax.

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    import {create, parse} from 'pathington';
    const parsedPath = parse('some[0].deeply["nested path"]');
    console.log(parsed); // ['some', 0, 'deeply', 'nested path']
    const createdPath = create(['some', 0, 'deeply', 'nested path']);
    console.log(createdPath); // 'some[0].deeply["nested path"]'



    parse(path: (Array<number|string>|string)): string

    Parse a path into an array of path values.

    console.log(parse('simple')); // ['simple']
    console.log(parse('dot.notation')); // ['dot', 'notation']
    console.log(parse('array[0]')); // ['array', 0]
    console.log(parse('array[0].with["quoted keys"]')); // ['array', 0, 'with', 'quoted keys']
    console.log(parse('special["%characters*"]')); // ['special', '%characters*']
    • If a path string is provided, it will be parsed into an array
    • If an array is provided, it will be mapped with the keys normalized


    create(path: Array<number|string>[, quote="]): string

    Create a path string based on the path values passed.

    console.log(create(['simple'])); // 'simple'
    console.log(create(['array', 0])); // 'array[0]'
    console.log(create(['array', 0, 'with', 'quoted keys'])); // 'array[0].with["quoted keys"]'
    console.log(create(['special', '%characters*'])); // 'special["%charactres*"]'

    Optionally, you can pass in the quote string to use instead of ". Valid values are backtick or single-quote.

    console.log(create(['quoted keys'], "'")); // ['quoted keys']

    Browser support

    • Chrome (all versions)
    • Firefox (all versions)
    • Edge (all versions)
    • Opera 15+
    • IE 9+
    • Safari 6+
    • iOS 8+
    • Android 4+


    Standard stuff, clone the repo and npm install dependencies. The npm scripts available:

    • build => run webpack to build development dist file with NODE_ENV=development
    • build:minified => run webpack to build production dist file with NODE_ENV=production
    • dev => run webpack dev server to run example app / playground
    • dist => runs build and build-minified
    • lint => run ESLint against all files in the src folder
    • prepublish => runs compile-for-publish
    • prepublish:compile => run lint, test:coverage, transpile:es, transpile:lib, dist
    • test => run AVA test functions with NODE_ENV=test
    • test:coverage => run test but with nyc for coverage checker
    • test:watch => run test, but with persistent watcher
    • transpile:lib => run babel against all files in src to create files in lib
    • transpile:es => run babel against all files in src to create files in es, preserving ES2015 modules (for pkg.module)


    npm i pathington@1.1.5





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