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    This plugin is deprecated. Consider using webpacks builtin CommonsChunkPlugin and supplying a function for 'minChunks'. See\#passing-the-minchunks-property-a-function


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    PathChunkPlugin for Webpack

    This plugin will extract all modules that match into a new named chunk. This plugin can also be used multiple times to create multiple chunks. It is based on the CommonsChunkPlugin from Webpack.

    The main use case it is used in our company is splitting less frequent changed code into separate chunks. With this plugin we are able to split our codebase into vendor(node_modules), core-libraries, react-base-components and more.

    This plugin works by matching the supplied test against the full path of all modules. We also check all bundles and not only entry bundles as entry bundles in our configuration do not contain modules.


    One of our main concerns about Webpack plugins is performance. That's why we choose to have two operating modes in this plugin. The mode is chosen based on what type of test is supplied as option. If a regex is supplied as test we obviously run a match against the path. If on the other hand you supply a string test then we simply do an indexOf check.


      name: String,
      filename: String,
      test: Function|String|RegExp

    name : String

    The name of the chunk. If filename is not provided, the chunk will be named according to your webpack output settings.

    test : Function|String|RegExp

    This is the test that is checked against the complete absolute path of the module. If test is a function it is executed with the path as first parameter, if it is a string it is checked with String.indexOf(test) otherwise if it is a regular expression it is checked with test.test(String).

    filename : [String]

    The filename of the chunk. You can also use the same replacement values as you can do for the filename in the webpack output settings.

    ignore : [String|Array]

    Names of modules you don't want to be included in the splitted chunk. By default this is empty.

    ignoreChunks : [String|Array]

    Names of chunks which should stay untouched. By default this is set to ['main'], which includes the main chunk from the worker-loader.


    var PathChunkPlugin = require('path-chunk-webpack-plugin');
    module.exports = {
      entry: {
        app: 'app.js'
      output: {
        path: __dirname + '/public',
        filename: "[name]-[chunkhash].js",
        chunkFilename: "[name]-[chunkhash].js"
      plugins: [
        new PathChunkPlugin({
          name: 'vendor',
          test: 'node_modules/'

    An an example structure of modules:


    The output would be three files:

    • app-[hash].js, containing:
      • app.js
      • lib/url.js
    • vendor-[hash].js, containing:
      • node_modules/jquery/jquery.js
      • node_modules/backbone/index.js


    npm i path-chunk-webpack-plugin

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