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    Why passwordx?

    Now days, everyone want to generate secure password, but if we go on internet it's hard to find a website that generate password but also does not collect data from you. You can always trust browsers like edge, chrome etc. they generate passwords for only forms. so we came up with idea that we will provide a tool. that you can use in your projects for random secure password generate with customized options. you can also install passwordx globally using npm install -g passwordx then you can use in your command line interface (cmd) everywhere to get a secure token or password for personal use, without worry too much. This is open source project so you can always check out our source code to feel secure about passwordx.


    For project

    npm install passwordx or yarn add passwordx

    Global command

    npm install passwordx or yarn global add passwordx

    Example for projects

    import passwordx from "passwordx";
    // without customize it wil generate combination of [a-zA-Z0-9] with length of 8
    const securePass = passwordx();
    // customize options
    // ambiguousCharacters: boolean
    // digits: boolean
    // length: number
    // lowercase: boolean
    // similarCharacter: boolean
    // symbols: boolean
    // uppercase: boolean
    const exPass = passwordx({ length: 32, symbols: true });

    Example for command line usage

    • make sure you have installed passwordx using npm i -g passwordx
    passwordx -l 32
    // output
    password: 5w9hfBjtttQFzYM27WKtxVxCJhvDDwpZ4J5jD4cCKAfbTgHbaPbc5hsd358k5X9J
    // if you wish to generate multiple passwords than just pass -c
    passwordx -l 32 -c 4
    // output
    password 1: sd358k55w9hfBjtttQFzYM27WKtxVxCJhvDDwpZ4J5jD4cCKAfbTgHbaPbc5hX9J
    password 2: K7cBxYsadta5ra5tYhRpqzugM7FsfHjZbMseHCw6CNBu4HKPmrUsU5Bs5Neg9JP4
    password 3: xGQzvjTdJbp7skAFLswDzJyuNEVbJHk5UMNawAqbLeh75LKVdSuLH6UWKN4Ugvrk
    password 4: zkg2Zk9kFaPwPQCHGrf2Q4s33L3XXJb4Fyq89YgbPJuMrTbqRYcaBsVpGtmq5Gch


    • you can also read this info in passwordx --help
    Name Description Pattern Default
    ambiguousCharacters Allow ambiguous characters {}[]()/'"`~,;:.<>\ false
    digits Allow digits 23456789 true
    length Password length 8
    lowercase Allow lowercase characters abcdefghjkmnpqrstuvwxyz true
    similarCharacter Allow similar characters i, l, I, 1, |, o, O, 0 false
    symbols Allow symbols !#$%&\*+-=?@^\_ false
    uppercase Allow uppercase characters ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ true

    We are open for new ideas

    you can open issue on our github page with feature request or any kind of improvements

    Thank you for using passwordx




    npm i passwordx

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