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Use passport.js user profile from session to authorize operations on Share.js documents.


npm install passport-sharejs

Basic usage

  var sessionOptions = { 
    key:    'the session key',
    cookie: {maxAge: 60000 * 60 * 24}, // 24 hours  
    secret: 'the session secret',
    store:  // the session storage.. memory, mongodb, redis 
  var app = express();
  //configure the express app and passport.js 
  //configure share.js 
  var share = require('share').server;
  var passportSharejs = require('passport-sharejs');
  share.attach(app, {
    db: {type: 'none'}, 
    auth: passportSharejs(sessionOptions);

Authorization with passportSharejs(sessionOptions, [actions], [callback])

actions is an optional array of the actions names we want to enforce authentication. The default value is ['open'].

callback is a function that accepts 4 parameters (err, agent, action, user). It is optional and the default value is to accept any operation from any authentication user and reject all operations from anonymous users.

You can use this callback to create an authorization function:

  share.attach(app, {
    db: {type: 'none'}, 
    auth: passportSharejs(sessionOptions, function (err, agent, action, user){
        // automatically accept any operation but open. 
        if( !== 'open') return action.accept();
        //reject anonymous user from opening this document. 
        if(!user) return action.reject();
        //does this user has access to this document? 
        user.canEditDoc(, action.docName, function (err, canEdit){
          return canEdit ? action.accept() : action.reject();